Hi! I'm Atri Bhattacharyya. I'm a masters student at EPFL.

Welcome to my webpage.

You can find my footprint on the internet on Bitbucket and LinkedIn.

About me

I am studying Computer Science with a focus on architecture and datacenters.

Banff National Park

When it's sunny, I like to be outdoors swimming or hiking and generally being around nature.


I like space technology and rockets. In my free time, I play Kerbal Space Program, which looks something like this. Wow!

My academic life

I started my school life in La Martiniere for Boys in my hometown of Kolkata. This was a time of few cares and much enjoyment.


I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Among some of the best technical minds in the country, I developed a love and a passion for enjoying life.


I began my graduate life in Switzerland at EPFL, where I was introduced to the life of a researcher.


You can download my Resume here